As a welding contractor, we provide a variety of welding and fabrication services in various industries. Our welding operators are certified 3G, 4G and 6G with multiple processes and various metals. Below is just a sample of what we do:

Structural WeldingStructural Welding:
We work with prime contractors to provide D1.1 and D1.8 welding on new construction as well as tenant improvements. We’ve completed projects for City of Tracy, City of Oakland, Caltrans, Shell Pipeline, San Jose Police Department, Tracy Defense Depot and United Parcel Service.


Pipe WeldingPipe Welding:
From natural gas lines to water lines, our certified welders have installed pipe for Shell Pipeline, East Bay MUD and the United States Coast Guard. We also weld stainless steel pipe and high pressure pipe.


Mobile WeldingMobile Welding:
We provide onsite repair services to commercial and residential customers within the Bay Area and Central Valley. Our service trucks are equipped with a Miller Trailblazer 302 Air-Pak and a Lincoln Vantage 400. These units provides up to 500 amps for welding or carbon arc gouging.


Oxy Fuel CuttingPlasma Cutting and Carbon Arc Gouging:
We provide plasma cutting and gouging services on metals up to 1″ thick. Unlike Oxy-Acetylene cutting which only cuts carbon steel, plasma cutters will cut through rust and any metal that conducts electricity including aluminum and titanium.