Public Works

Public Works:

This public works job for the San Jose Police Department was just completed. We were contracted to fabricate and install new secure key lock boxes for all pedestrian gates. All metal was .125 mild steel plate. There were four different styles due to the different gate styles. Fabrication was done in the shop in Tracy, CA. Onsite welding was completed in two days.

We want to thank everyone at the San Jose Police Department and Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office for all your help. Background checks and fingerprinting was pleasant and painless. Thanks again.

.125 Mild Steel Key Lock Box Public Works NorCal Welding, Inc. Entry Gate Gate Alignment Photo May 27, 1 40 52 PM Photo May 27, 11 45 48 AM Photo May 27, 2 06 33 PM

HVAC Reinforcement

HVAC Reinforcement:

A client in Fremont, CA had a requirement to add two HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) units onto their roof. We were called in to weld the structural steel reinforcement for these two units. We brought in the steel and cut the beams onsite. After the beams were cut to fit and welded into place, we opened the roof for the HVAC curbs to be installed. Welding the W10x15 I-beams was done with ER7018 filler as per engineering requirements.

Welding HVAC ReinforcementGrindingWelding Clips

Structural Steel

Structural Steel:

This structural steel job was just finished in San Pablo, CA. We were called to the UPS facility to weld over 3500 pieces of steel by the October 31st deadline. Our team of 7 structural welders and 2 apprentice welders worked 10 hour days for 6 weeks to achieve this goal. Working in boom lifts and scissor lifts our team installed over 375 knee braces and welded them in place with .072 NR-232 wire. Some 7018 was used for other tasks including tacking down the bar grating on the second level.

UPS is a leading edge company. All the automated conveyer systems that sort, track and load packages is impressive.

Structural Steel Photo Oct 02, 11 06 19 AM Knee Braces NorCal Welding at UPS Michael Mithell Glenn Mitchell Photo Sep 30, 12 28 42 PM

D1.8 Certified Welding

D1.8 Certified Welding:

NorCal Welding provides D1.8 Certified Welding. We have several experienced welders that have passed the welder qualification test for AWS D1.8. This is the seismic supplement to AWS D1.1. While many believe D1.8 is strictly a certification for filler, there are also requirements for welder qualification. Below are a few photos of our D1.8 welders welding the seismic joints for the new VA building in Martinez, CA.

D1.8 JointsSeismic BracePreheat to 150D1.8 Certified Welding4G Rat HoleD1.8 Key Hole

Stainless Welding

Stainless Welding:

This stainless welding project was completed yesterday at the Santa Rita Jail in Dublin, CA. We had to demo the old counter and remove the original stove so they could slide a sandwich bar in it’s place. After the old stove was removed we used a sheet of 14 gauge 304 stainless steel to add corners and fill cut-outs that remained in the existing counter. We mig welded this project using .030 308L filler and a tri-mix shielding gas. After welding was complete we had a couple of hours of sanding and polishing to complete the project.

Old stainlessFilling cut-outsWelding stainlessPolished stainlessCompleted counterStainless Counter

Aluminum Fuel Cell

Aluminum Fuel Cell:

This aluminum fuel cell was fabricated using 1/8″ 6061 aluminum. It’s an auxiliary fuel cell that will mount to the back of a Triumph dual sport motorcycle. The client designed it and brought us a CAD drawing to work with. The pieces were pre-cut on a water jet which made it easy for us to weld. The tank has baffles inside to help keep the fuel from sloshing around. The baffles also serve as bracing for added strength. This project was Tig welded using 4043 filler. After welding was complete, we pressure tested the tank at 10psi. We were able to locate one pinhole. It was repaired and retested within 5 minutes. Project complete.

Aluminum Fuel CellTackingBafflesPressure TestWater Jet Parts

Pipe Welding

Pipe Welding:

Pipe welding can be demanding and rewarding. We were recently contracted to weld some 3″ and 4″ schedule 80 pipe for a major pipeline company. There were a total of four locations that needed to be completed in seven days. The client needed us to lay pipe to Baker tanks for a nitrogen purge that will pressurize the system to about 1500 psi. All welds were completed with SMAW using 1/8″ 6010 5P for the root and hot pass. We then capped with 3/32″ 7018 ATOM ARC rods.

Although there were many long days, we teamed with another welding contractor to complete the job on time.

Pipe WeldingLeveling Pipe Pipe WelderWeldingFlange

Dock Plate Repair

Dock Plate Repair:

This dock plate repair was done to control rodent access to the interior of the dock. There were gaps between the frame of the dock plate and the dock plate itself. These gaps allowed access for mice and rats to enter the building.

We brought some 1/8th” diamond plate to match the existing plate. There were several ideas about where to weld the space fillers. We decided to weld butt joints so the dock plate could still be used “below dock level”.

Dock Plate RepairDock Plate WeldingDock Plate RepairBelow Dock Level

Bridge Repair

Bridge Repair:

Last week we did some emergency bridge repair for CalTrans. The job started at midnight with three of four lanes shut down. One of the finger joints on the Carquinez Bridge had a cracked plate covering the joint and needed to be replaced before it lifted and caused an accident. Using grinders and a plasma cutter we removed the old plate that was 3/8″ thick. We prepared and installed a thicker plate at 5/8″. After preheat was applied, the new plate was welded into place using 5/32″ 7018 rods fresh out of the rod oven. It was a pleasure working with professionals that value safety on the job.

Bridge RepairMeasuring the PlateOxy Fuel CuttingWelding the New PlateFillet WeldFinger Joint

Dumpster Enclosure

Dumpster Enclosure:

I got a call for some welding repair on a dumpster enclosure today. When I arrived it was easy to spot the gate without the padlock eye. It had been broken off by vandals. I cleaned up the area to weld a new eye in place. Fortunately I brought some 1/4″ flat bar and a plasma cutter. I was able to fabricate a new eye in about 10 minutes. Then the customer wanted a box to cover the padlock. I took measurements and returned to the shop where I had 1/8″ diamond plate in the scrap pile. I fabricated two lock boxes and returned to the job site to weld them in place.

Dumpster Enclosure LockDumpster Enclosure EyePadlock Box