Moment Frames

Moment Frames:

Moment frames are a critical part of structural welding.  We teamed up with Merjil Steel Fabrication, Inc. to build a new CarMax in San Jose, CA.  While most of the D1.1 welding was completed by Merjil Steel, NorCal Welding was tasked with the critical D1.8 full penetration welding of all moment frames.  Our team of four used NR-232 .072 filler.  All welds underwent mag testing and ultrasonic testing.

Moment Frames Merjil Steel Welding NorCal Welding NorCal Welding Weld NorCal Welding NorCal Welding, Inc. CarMax Air Arc Carbon Arc

Pipe Welding

Pipe Welding:

This 18″ pipe welding job was just completed in Stockton, CA.  A section of pipe needed to be replaced for a pump station on a levee.  G&N Construction exposed the pipe for us and assisted with placing the new pipe in place.  After everything was in place our certified welder got to work.  6010 root and 7018 cover.

photo-oct-12-8-23-06-am Pipe Welding Pipe Welding 18" Pipe NorCal Welding, Inc.

Soft Story Retrofit

Soft Story Retrofit:

This soft story retrofit was just completed in Piedmont, CA.  While the contractor rebuilds the structure, current codes require moment frames to be erected in the basement.  Based on approved engineering plans, we fabricated two moment frames onsite.  Beam sizes were W8x28 and W6x15.  All steel was moved by hand into the basement through a small window just large enough to crawl through.  All welding was done by SMAW using 5/32″ 7018 electrodes.

Welding  Welding  Soft Story Retrofit  Soft Story Retrofit  Moment Frame  Photo Jul 07, 9 34 56 AM

Rebar Welding

Rebar Welding:

This rebar welding job in Oakland, CA is well underway.  The building is being renovated which includes seismic retrofit.  Whiteside Concrete Construction blasted through the concrete walls exposing the rebar to be welded.  Before welding, we removed a bad section of #14 bar.  With the approved WPS (welding procedure specification) and PQR (procedure qualification record) in hand, welding begins.

Welding grade 60 rebar is typically done with an E9018 electrode.  However, this building is older and was constructed with grade 40 rebar.  Therefore, the engineers selected an E7018 electrode for the job.  Welding #8 to #14 reinforcing bar requires preheat of 200 degrees.  Job requirements include the ability to lay down on concrete to make welds in difficult locations.

Northgate Terrace Retirement Center     Rebar Welding     Rebar Welding Welding Rebar     Welding Rebar     D1.4 Rebar Welding

Oil Tanks

Oil Tanks:

Dynamic Generator Service, Inc needed a couple of custom oil tanks fabricated for their F550 service truck.  We used 10ga steel to fabricated a couple of 112 gallon tanks.  Customer provided bungs were welded on. The tanks were pressure tested proving that no leaks existed.  The tanks were then painted and installed on the truck.

Dynamic Generator Service, Inc. Oil Tanks

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Moment Frame Retrofit

Moment Frame Retrofit:

This moment frame was just fabricated and installed in San Francisco, CA.  The seismic retrofit was required by the city as part of an upgrade during the home owner’s renovations.  The beam was 800lbs and lifted into place by five men.  The column was 11 feet long at a height of 96 inches.

Moment Frames can be welded on the job site or in the shop.  NorCal Welding had the steel delivered to this job site so we could do the welding on site.  Our welders are D1.8 certified for seismic retrofit welding.

Moment Frame WeldingMoment FrameMoment frame base plateNorCal Welding, Inc.Welding

ADA Handrail

ADA Handrail:

This ADA Handrail was fabricated for the City of Oakland.  It’s for the new ramp at the Manzanita Recreation Center on 22nd Ave.  Due to the heavy rains we’ve been having, most of this handrail was fabricated and welded at our shop in Tracy, CA.  Today we had great weather for the install.  This ADA Compliant Handrail was fabricated with 1.66OD steel pipe.  It was 88 lineal feet and coated with a black oil based paint by Rustolium.

ADA Handrail ADA Compliant Handrail NorCal Welding, Inc. ADA Handrail Welding Handrail Bay Area ADA Compliant Handrail

City of Tracy – Water Tower

City of Tracy – Water Tower

The City of Tracy Water Tower was built in 1928.  Located in front of city hall, it now serves as an historical structure.  In an effort to make it last many more years, NorCal Welding was contracted to perform some structural reinforcement.  Welding was carried out as per engineer specifications in an effort to reinforce the plates at the base of the tower.

When we arrived, the temperature outside was about 34 degrees.  The photos below show various stages of the job to include preheating the 1-1/2″ plate to approx 250 degrees, welding and inspection by the city engineer and welding inspector.

City of Tracy Water Tower Pre-Heat Welding Inspection Welding Inspection Welding Welding NorCal Welding, Inc. Lincoln Vantage 400 Welding Contractors Welding Contractor NorCal Welding, Inc. - Welding Contractor

We would like to extend our gratitude and appreciation to Gato Rivera for the photo shoot.

Maple Street Correctional Center

Maple Street Correctional Center:

We recently completed a stainless project at the new Maple Street Correctional Center in Redwood City, CA.  This state of the art facility will house over 800 residents.  NorCal Welding was contracted by Kwan Wo Iron Works to provide onsite stainless steel welding in the cells.

Maple Street Correctional CenterCorrectional CenterStairs in correctional centerSteel beds in correctional centerStainless steel columnsWelding in Maple Street Correctional Center