WAPA (Western Area Power Administration) required some bracing on their structures at the Byron substation. NorCal Welding was contracted by Whitefish Energy to weld 48 gussets to the structures 80′ in the air.  We also identified and repaired stress cracks as needed. This job required us to use the SMAW process and 1/8″ 8018 rods.

NorCal Welding, Inc. Mitch - NorCal Welding, Inc. WAPA and NorCal Welding SMAW 8018 NorCal Welding and WAPA NorCal Welding Oxy Cutting at WAPA

Dish n’ Dash

Dish n’ Dash

Dish n’ Dash offers Middle Eastern Cuisine.  When they were building the new Cupertino location, they contracted us to erect and weld the partition walls inside. 2″x4″x.250 HSS was used from floor to ceiling to fabricate the structure.  The architect chose a “clover leaf” screen to insert for privacy while still leaving the area open.

Dish n' Dash in Cupertino, CA Welding in Cupertino, CA Welding in Cupertino, CA Welding in Cupertino, CA Dish n' Dash Partition NorCal Welding, Inc. Dish n' Dash Dish n' Dash in Cupertino, CA

Menlo-Atherton High School

Menlo-Atherton High School

Menlo-Atherton High School required some new 3″ gas line welded for the swimming pool. NorCal Welding was asked to come in and weld about 300 feet of 3 inch schedule 40 black pipe on the rooftops surrounding the pool. With the certifications approved by the inspector, our crew got to work and completed the job in two days.

Gas pipe welding at Menlo-Atherton High School Menlo-Atherton High School ReducerMenlo-Atherton High School welding 3" pipe gas pipe NorCal Welding Pipe welding

Structural Welding

Structural Welding

The structural welding for this Saratoga home came with a great view.  The property is up in the Saratoga hills.  This doesn’t leave a lot of room for trucks and equipment.  We were able to fit two welding trucks close enough to the structure to run our 125′ leads to the far end of the building.  Our crew used Excel-Arc 71 for filler fed by Lincoln LN25 feeders. As the home get more complete, we will also be welding the stairs to the second floor.

Structural Welding NorCal Welding, Inc. Structural Welding Saratoga Home Welding Welding in Saratoga NorCal Welding in Saratoga, CA

Safety Railing

Safety Railing:

We just completed this safety railing at the Defense Distribution Depot in Tracy, CA.  It was fabricated in our shop and transported to the job site for installation.  The specifications on the railing called for 2″ x 2″ x .250 steel.  The wire mesh was sheared to fit and made it easier to weld into place.  Once the field welding and installation was complete it was painted a bright safety yellow by Tarnowski Painting.

Safety Railing  DLA Safety Railing Welding Safety Railing Safety Railing Painting Safety Railing Safety Railing

Woodside High School

Woodside High School:

We just completed a job at Woodside High School in Woodside, CA.  The school was built in 1958 so we replaced some old gas lines on the roofs of the buildings.  With new safety valves installed, we welded 3″ pipe over the course of three days.  These gas lines go from one building to another so we installed special flex-lines to accommodate for seismic activity and the shifting of individual buildings.  Over the three days, our guys worked through the hot sun, some pouring rain and into the night to get the job done.

Flanges and Valves NorCal Welding Gas Pipe Welding Woodside High School

Moment Frames

Moment Frames:

Moment frames are a critical part of structural welding.  We teamed up with Merjil Steel Fabrication, Inc. to build a new CarMax in San Jose, CA.  While most of the D1.1 welding was completed by Merjil Steel, NorCal Welding was tasked with the critical D1.8 full penetration welding of all moment frames.  Our team of four used NR-232 .072 filler.  All welds underwent mag testing and ultrasonic testing.

Moment Frames Merjil Steel Welding NorCal Welding NorCal Welding Weld NorCal Welding NorCal Welding, Inc. CarMax Air Arc Carbon Arc

Pipe Welding

Pipe Welding:

This 18″ pipe welding job was just completed in Stockton, CA.  A section of pipe needed to be replaced for a pump station on a levee.  G&N Construction exposed the pipe for us and assisted with placing the new pipe in place.  After everything was in place our certified welder got to work.  6010 root and 7018 cover.

photo-oct-12-8-23-06-am Pipe Welding Pipe Welding 18" Pipe NorCal Welding, Inc.

Soft Story Retrofit

Soft Story Retrofit:

This soft story retrofit was just completed in Piedmont, CA.  While the contractor rebuilds the structure, current codes require moment frames to be erected in the basement.  Based on approved engineering plans, we fabricated two moment frames onsite.  Beam sizes were W8x28 and W6x15.  All steel was moved by hand into the basement through a small window just large enough to crawl through.  All welding was done by SMAW using 5/32″ 7018 electrodes.

Welding  Welding  Soft Story Retrofit  Soft Story Retrofit  Moment Frame  Photo Jul 07, 9 34 56 AM