Aluminum Fuel Cell

Aluminum Fuel Cell:

This aluminum fuel cell was fabricated using 1/8″ 6061 aluminum. It’s an auxiliary fuel cell that will mount to the back of a Triumph dual sport motorcycle. The client designed it and brought us a CAD drawing to work with. The pieces were pre-cut on a water jet which made it easy for us to weld. The tank has baffles inside to help keep the fuel from sloshing around. The baffles also serve as bracing for added strength. This project was Tig welded using 4043 filler. After welding was complete, we pressure tested the tank at 10psi. We were able to locate one pinhole. It was repaired and retested within 5 minutes. Project complete.

Aluminum Fuel CellTackingBafflesPressure TestWater Jet Parts

Aluminum Welding

Aluminum Welding:

Aluminum welding is a treat when compared to carbon steel. Why? Because it weighs less than steel. That makes my back very happy.

This project took a couple of weeks. We fabricated 2 boxes, 2 pans, a cover and a push rod for a large pipeline company. The 6061 aluminum was 1/4″ thick. We used our new XR Aluma-Pro Mig gun from Miller. The push pull gun really made it easy to run those 30″ beads. We also used the Dynasty 350 with a 1/8th” tungsten. Anything smaller just balled up at 210 amps.

Aluminum BoxesAluminum PansAluminum Weld Bead