Rebar Welding

Rebar Welding:

This rebar welding job in Oakland, CA is well underway.  The building is being renovated which includes seismic retrofit.  Whiteside Concrete Construction blasted through the concrete walls exposing the rebar to be welded.  Before welding, we removed a bad section of #14 bar.  With the approved WPS (welding procedure specification) and PQR (procedure qualification record) in hand, welding begins.

Welding grade 60 rebar is typically done with an E9018 electrode.  However, this building is older and was constructed with grade 40 rebar.  Therefore, the engineers selected an E7018 electrode for the job.  Welding #8 to #14 reinforcing bar requires preheat of 200 degrees.  Job requirements include the ability to lay down on concrete to make welds in difficult locations.

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