City of Tracy – Water Tower

City of Tracy – Water Tower

The City of Tracy Water Tower was built in 1928.  Located in front of city hall, it now serves as an historical structure.  In an effort to make it last many more years, NorCal Welding was contracted to perform some structural reinforcement.  Welding was carried out as per engineer specifications in an effort to reinforce the plates at the base of the tower.

When we arrived, the temperature outside was about 34 degrees.  The photos below show various stages of the job to include preheating the 1-1/2″ plate to approx 250 degrees, welding and inspection by the city engineer and welding inspector.

City of Tracy Water Tower Pre-Heat Welding Inspection Welding Inspection Welding Welding NorCal Welding, Inc. Lincoln Vantage 400 Welding Contractors Welding Contractor NorCal Welding, Inc. - Welding Contractor

We would like to extend our gratitude and appreciation to Gato Rivera for the photo shoot.

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