Trailer Repair

Trailer Repair:

This boat trailer repair was done just in time. As the photos show, the trailer was repaired at least one time before. As the photos also show, the repair didn’t hold water. The sub par patch job was the first problem. The fact that the repair wasn’t protected from rusting was another.

When the trailer arrived at NorCal Welding, the customer was told we would fix the problem. That doesn’t mean we would just throw another patch on. That meant cutting out the rusty steel and replacing it with new metal as if it were new from the factory. After fabrication was complete, a coat of primer and paint was applied to inhibit rust from affecting the trailers structure again. Since we only repaired the front of the trailer, I have a feeling we may see this one again.

Rusty Boat TrailerBroken Trailer FrameTrailer RepairNew SteelTrailer Repair Complete


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